Age of Mythology cheat codes

Age of Mythology Codes To activate these cheat codes, press enter, type in the code, and then press enter again to activate it. Cheat codes must be in all caps (Ex: HOWDY will work as apposed to howdy). Cheats do not work in the demo version of AoM.

Effect Code

1000 Food                                                                       JUNK FOOD NIGHT
1000 Wood                                                                     TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE
Allows you to use a previously used god power DIVINE INTERVENTION
Animates berry bushes                                               FEAR THE FORAGE
Changes the game time to night                              IN DARKEST NIGHT
Controls all animals on map                                    SET ASCENDANT
Fast (sometimes instant on most units and buildings) construction, research and training                                                 L33T SUPA H4X0R
Full favor                                                                         MOUNT OLYMPUS
Gives you 1000 Gold                                                   ATM OF EREBUS
Gives you a bunch of monkeys                               I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1!
Gives you a chicken-meteor god power BAWK BAWK BOOM
Gives you a flying purple hippo                             WUV WOO
Gives you a forkboy TINES OF POWER
Gives you a lazer bear O CANADA
Gives you several random god powers PANDORAS BOX
Gives you the heroes from the campaign ISIS HEAR MY PLEA
Gives you the Lightning Storm, Earthquake, Meteor and Tornado god powers                            WRATH OF THE GODS
Hide map                       UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT
Increase Game Speed LETS GO! NOW! (Note: two spaces after GO!)
Makes the water red RED TIDE
Reveal Map                   LAY OF THE LAND
Reveals all the animals on map SET ASCENDANT
Skips to the next scenario in the campaign CHANNEL SURFING
Slow game speed       CONSIDER THE INTERNET
Transforms everyone into Goats (note: your hero dies because of this) GOATUNHEIM
unlimited amount of people for you Reinforcements
Win game       THRILL OF VICTORY

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