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Contact us about basically my first website. My blog is also providing some new things.  I am working on this site to collect some information and provide some tips to student about new website developing. It is best way to get knowledge and some earning from advertising programs.  Many people using social media and wasting time without earning some thing from that. But i will tell you in this blog about site making and linking ads also.  

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110 Financial Consultant & Computer Zone

1-Mouj Palaza, Near Thana Bazar, City Mailsi

PCs, PC accessories, CDs, DVDs, Laptop, tablets are available.
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Mr.Sabir Hussain
Mr.Sajjad Hussain


The website will be dedicated to providing information, news, computers tips, website or blog tips. 

I belong to City……………

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I am new here for building this site and searching some date to informed people about real work on internet and knowledge sharing.

My pages covering some topics like Foods, health, articles and tips and tricks .

Most of us want to earn from online jobs but with Short cuts.

We need to know Real Type of work.

Just keep in touch to now about new on this site.

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