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Dental health is also important for everyone. Most of us not interest to care his/her teeth. According to different dental survey observed  80 percent people avoid dental check in the World. people does not save their teeth but save money. It also also observed that 70 percent people report to dentist only but only due to cavity.

An other survey of different countries people 80 to 85 percent agreed for check ups and importance of dental health. Moreover, 45 percents people still not visited to any dental doctor. In many countries Govt o undergo dental check ups, 47 per cent people confessed that they had never visited a dentist. October is Oral health month. The survey showed that nearly 1 of 2 people in cities have never visited a dentist.

Dr Ashok Dhoble, general secretary, IDA said, “Initially everybody wants to avoid dental check ups to save money without realising that eventually they will spend more. Dental diseases if detected early and treated can save you from the vicious circle of spending. Most of the time, people land up at the dentist’s only when they experience pain and need root canalling or tooth extraction.”dental3

Dr Dhoble added that simple steps like brushing twice a day and taking care of gums can help people maintain oral health better.

“One should visit a dentist once in six months. It is like servicing of the car. If not done on time, it will lead to heavy expenses in the future,” said Dr Dhoble. The research was conducted on the sidelines of Oral Health Month 2014.

According to dentists, dental hygiene in children is always neglected as compared to other lifestyle diseases like obesity and stress. “Junk food is the main culprit. Also, because of academic competition, children avoid basic hygiene. They wake up early for studies and are in hurry to leave for school. In the hurry they don’t brush their teeth properly,”.