Lose your weight

Lose your weight with simple tips for all

images (1)Lose your weight is most important issue of the whole world. Your first practical work is to planning about losing weight. Just speak “lose weight” as the oath. It may be some kind of joke but it good. My mean to say think practical about it because increasing of weight is directly proportional to increasing of diseases. If you want healthy and fitness body then just remember meaning of Lose Weight. 

1. Take a aim to Lose weight start up!

Just think that you want to lose 5 pound only. It is easy goal to lose your small weight instead of long thinking 


2. Practical way. 

Note some practical tips to lose weight like walking, cycling light running and stairs using is also best. It may be difficult to do all, but you have options to chose any one or more.

 3. Breakfast

You must eat something daily in the morning. After that you can pass you most time in a day with out getting something.


images (3)4.Must try to sleep 8 hours every night.

You must sleep well at night at least 8 hours. These duration are observed best timing to helps to lose weigh.

Do not take sweet dishes of foods. 

images (4)Eat fruit and vegetables,

Get your meal 2 time in a day

Increases your performance

You should belive that healthy and fitness of body increases daily performance

images (2)

Drink plenty of pure water

It is very easy, simple and best diet for loosing weight Drinking of plenty water also helps to reduce many other diseases. Do not drink any soda. Soda is case to increases weight and also has some other side effects 

Mentality fitness

Mentality fitness is also necessary and playing a main role for losing of weight. Do not any tension to lose your aim instead of weight. Just relax and close eyes to think on losing of weight. Fit your self fitness.

Just Lose your weight,

Just Lose your weight,

Just Lose your weight,

Lose your wight,

Lose your wight,