Leadership Tool – Setting standards of clear integrity

Leadership Tool – Setting standards

Leadership Tool – Setting standards of integrity should be clear for the successful run of an organization. These standards should be in a written form and periodically updated. Leaders should demonstrate the opportunities. It is personal strength of character what leaders should stress and stress frequently.

   images (1)As situation integrity is just as important as personal integrity, so there are people who would never lie in their personal lives, but would lie for their organizations. Peoples cross breaches of integrity when someone is burdened to accomplish too many tasks, and often he will certify the accomplishment of the task with out doing the job. He thinks nobody will know or nobody will care. The best thing to wash such problem is that responsibilities should be share among employees in order to attain a long-term success. As peoples says Honesty pays so leaders of character and integrity should seek to improve themselves as they move to higher and higher ranks. Honesty is very important because in many ways it gives you and your employee’s high self-esteem.

   The leader should lead his organization like a true champion. He should show high integrity in all aspects and matters of the organization. He should maintain balance between all affairs and all so among people working under him. Setting standards a leader should be very active and enthusiastic, before all he should earn the respect of his coworkers and his subordinate.   

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Laiq Zaman

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