Leadership Tools – Dealing with the up to down side

The most important quality of leaders is to deal with setbacks and failure. Failure is a marvelous learning and growing experience. Don’t be discouraged by a failure. Leaders become great by learning from their failure and get strength and maturity.

Dealing with failure leaders must give considerable attention to unpleasant events such as bad luck, rumors and the criticism. Leaders should ensure that they maintain good communicator and feedback relating miserable events happening with in organization. There are lots of ups and downs occur in organization on daily basis such as sexual harassment, cultural slur, drug abuse etc. Leaders should have proper support available to identify these problems and take care of these with sincerity. Other important steps to solve such problem is to hire legal officers and lawyers, and they should be encouraged to be frank, cool and calm in dealing these matters.

Leaders who reach to the top level of leadership without to many setbacks and failure are often not well-equipped to handle failure and at times come under heavy criticism. It is important for leaders to accept criticism whenever an organization suffers any major problem because leaders were responsible for all the planning, decisions and innovations. There are three things successful peoples often quotes are if any thing goes bad then I did it, if anything goes semi-good then we did it and if anything goes really good then you did it.

Leaders should always keep a close observation on themselves observe the out come of their decision, planning and other issues they are looking after. They should be mentally prepared for the stepping down process form leadership at any stage of their service. Stepping down may depressed you but its also a part of life and be prepared for it as a leader.  

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