Leadership Tools ; Decentralizing and getting feedback

Leadership Tools : Decentralizing and getting feedback


         At certain level of organization, there must be some decision maker’s authorities and leaders should have a strong grasp on these authorities. A leader exactly knows which decision is to be made when and make sure that the decision passes through each level of the organization and proper implementation is carried out. The essential element of the decentralization process is to understand the organization values, goal, priorities and mission. During this process, the leaders at different level with in the organization should feel the responsibility and importance of issues.

        For getting feedback, proper network of communication is to be establishing with in the organization, their role and task should be defined and allow working with free mind. They should assess things, decisions and important issues then make a summary and forward it to the top leader. As a top leader, you must stay in touch and involve in every important decision. A proper hierarchical structure should be maintained which often provide excellent feedback. Management control system is also useful for getting feedback. The management control system should be check periodically by any outside agency to make sure that it is working properly and according to your expectations. Retired associates who are in close touch with friends in the organization can also be a good source of information and feedback. Other important source is the spouse’s communication network, which can provide valuable insights as well. Getting information through informal conversation among friends as another extremely effective feedback technique and not utilizing such means can be a mistake on the part of leaders.

     Feedbacks from members of group who you feel are secondary workers or second-class citizens are very important because, these groups can become a great source of poor morale and poor performance. Make special efforts to give proper care, love and attention to members from these minor groups, even though on occasion you may be violating the desire policy of organization but it will help in long term success of the organization.

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