Leadership Tools – Establishing priorities

Leadership Tools – Establishing priorities


The key to success is to work with mission, Establish priorities and then strive to accomplish it. For a successful run of organization, the leaders should emphasize on mission because only then you would have a goal to work on. Leaders should make sure that their attentions are not diverted by the unorganized and personal demand of their schedule, their inbox’s and their telephones calls. Avoid wasting time on unimportant issues. 


       Leaders should take care of mission personally, not to get bore of it. Leaders tend to associate subordinate with missions, key plans and take interest in irrelevant issues. This practice causes heavy damage to long term progress of an organization, so leaders need to avoid it. Some leaders as an individuals are so bright and successful that they moved onward and upward with great rapidity and reached the top position of leadership. However, they accustomed to hold jobs for not so long because they neglect to dig deep into the priorities of organizational issues, and as a result, they sometimes fail to make an impact as a leader.


      The top leaders set their own priorities, but place mission first. They keep a close observation on how they spend time and their energies. The big leaders who do not develop this mind set may be a good caretaker, gatekeeper or mangers but unlikely to be a leaders. At last if staying focused on mission leaders at all level can make a huge difference to the success of their organization.


Written by

Laiq Zaman

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