Leadership Tools – Leading international organization

 Leadership Tools – Leading international organization

Leadership of international organization or multicultural organization is a demanding task. To lead such organizations leader should have knowledge of cultural difference, national biases and antagonisms between and among national groups. To be useful at this level it is important to study background of such countries or nations at times.

  Many organization becomes successful at top level because some of the individuals especially the younger ones think of themselves as an international employees, they becomes very mobile and knows one or two international languages especially English. These things are normally beneficial to the top leaders of the organization. It is important for the leaders to establish a standard for work hours and to ensure that it is followed. These standards should be a compromise between the various extremes.

    Language difficulty for multinational organizations is another big challenge. Some members are fluent in many languages so they can be used effectively, but keep in mind that they are not been over worked. Other end of the problem should also be deal with great care. Member not efficient at speaking and writing English are not to be removed from the decision-making process and are not neglected in staff activities.

     Other things that leader must take care of is that people from different countries, nation and back ground working some may be rich, powerful and other may not but leaders must understand the “small nation syndrome” and keep balance between all matters.

    To be a successful leader of the international importance should be given to the transition process. Make sure initial briefings are delivered, proper checklists are prepared and responsibilities are shared. This approach is important from the view of both substance and perception.

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