Windows 10 – Microsoft Launched an other OS Windows 10

   Windows 10 an other best creation of Microsoft after long time. It now good news for all computer and other devices operator. Soon you will enjoy this new and unique OS

       Microsoft company has lunched and introduced but new Windows 10 an other operating system on 30 September, 2015 with total or near about size of 2.6 GB and said that just forget about Windows .9(No to 9). window is interred in double figure with one and zero.  Windows 10 operating system will be future of our operating system with more features, classical views, themes and reliability.



    Time to time and day to day user requirements are changing and different to each others as technology changing from keyboard and mouse to touch devises or system, desktop to Laptop, Laptop to Tables and many others. Microsoft also put new classical new look of Start Menu with both options for keyboard/Mouse and Touch devices.




        Microsoft company have mixed some feature of windows 8 OS.During installation observed that start of windows 10 operating system includes some feature of windows 7 operating system. So be ready for the use of very interesting operating system of windows 10. But some effective and reliable feature of Windows XP also included in it. 

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