WordPress SEO Yoast for article analysis

WordPress SEO Yoast for article analysis

WordPress SEO Yoast is wordpress best plugin. it provides best information about any post for perfection.

It checks article or post completely and give us summery for correction. it helps to make quality article writing.  Following Points are recommended during article writing. Must read and act according to these point. 


  • yyyThe WordPress SEO Yoast keyword appeared in the first paragraph of the copy, make sure the topic is clear immediately.

  • Article or post must have keywords in title tag.

  • The copy scores 80% in the Flesch Reading Ease, which is shows that easy reading for easy writing of article Like easy spell and short sentences.

  • Title of page should contains 40 characters, Recommended characters are equal are more then 40 characters.

  • Use the space to add keyword variations or create compelling call-to-action copy.

  • The keyword or phase must appears in the article/post as Link or URL.

  • The images on article or page must contain alternative tags with same the target keyword or phrase.

  • Article or page should have outbound link(s). Keyword or phrase must appears in subheadings in the copy.

  • The keyword or phrase density should be between 2.50% to 4.50% of article. Mean Repetition of keyword in article.

  • yyyyyyyyyyIf article or page title contains same keyword or phrase just at the start it will  consider to improve website ranking.

  • In the specified meta description always considerable. it should be more appealing, it will be more then 120 characters and less then 156

  • The meta description must contains same page or article’s keyword or phrase.

  • Recommended words for any article or post is 300 words or more then 300.

  • You not use focus keyword starting with very good.

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